¨If life is not lived for others, life has no meaning¨

             Saint Mother Teresa of Calcuta

What are the Belen´s?

 They want to be authentic homes where those who come in search of help receive the love of God who heals, restores and satisfies hunger.

What does Belen mean?

House of bread.

What do we do?

 We welcome the wounded, in need of God, in which the family environment, prayer and spiritual and human formation, enables them to come out of themselves and serve, finding in the service, by which the love of God, medicine to heal.


Similar to the Bethlehem portal, where despite the material precariousness, our Lord Jesus Christ was welcomed with great tenderness and love in the bosom of a family, who approaches our Belen’s we desire for them to experience a new birth, fruit of the encounter with the love of God.


Saint Mother Teresa is the patroness of the Belen’s because with her Eucharistic faith she teaches us to see in each one of our brothers the living image of the suffering, despised and abandoned Christ.