• Pilgrims of the Eucharist

The Pilgrims of the Eucharist constitute in the Catholic Church a Public Association of the Faithful of Diocesan Law, in view of constituting us as an Ecclesial Family of Consecrated Life.

Our Family is conformed by: Priests, brothers, sisters and Laity.


United in a unique way to Jesus in the Eucharist, they walk with God like lambs.


Serve the Lord from their studies, a life in prayer and the different pastoral activities they perform.

Consecrated Brothers and Sisters

We profess the evangelical counsels of: poverty, obedience, consecrated virginity; and the total offering to the spiritual maternity of our Most Holy Mother.


Live our charism and spirituality from their own laity state.


It is to live the eucharistic existence of our Lord Jesus Christ, In joyful expropriation of one’s will and in poverty.


The characteristic trait of our spirituality is condensed in the phrase: “Sicut Agno”, like lambs, hence it is Eucharistic and Marian.

Our Apostolate

We are a Missionary Community with the following Services: Horeb, Bethel, Siloé, Belén, Bethsaida, Diaconía and Center of Spirituality Eucharistic and Marian Our Lady of Fatima

A Family on Mission

¨That teaches you to be a family¨

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Serving God and men like lambs

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